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Simple and Flexible

Simple Preparation for Application...

Our intumescent YUNO FG3 is a one-type-coat system requiring only minimal preparation of the steelwork before application. No undercoat of special sealer is required. The Steel Work only needs to be primed, saving you and money on preparation. Most common primers (e.g. Red Oxide, Zinc Phosphate or Micaceous Iron Oxide) are suitable, but in any case Fireguard's Technical Staff will be happy to advise you on compatibility.

...And Complete Flexibility Afterwards!

As applied, Fireguard Intumescent has a pleasant off-white sprayed finish. If you wish to add a decorative coat, the surface readily accepts any B.S. paint in any colour, in gloss or emulsion. You don't need an undercoat or further preparation before the decorative coat, so the job is finished quickly and cleanly.