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About Company

Fireguard was founded in 1986. The Product commonly known as YUNO FG3 won the Prince Of Wales Award For Innovation in 1986. YUNO FG3 also feature on Tomorrows World in 1988.

Prestigious Jobs

  • Gatwick Airport
  • Heathrow Airport
  • U.K.A.E.A Harwell
  • Manchester Airport
  • North Kent Signal Centre
  • McDonald's Restaurants
  • Stansted Airport
  • Butlers Wharf, London
  • North Pole F.L.T
  • U.P.C. (Teddington)

How Long Is The Paint Effective For In The Event Of A Fire?

YUNO FG3 Intumescent(Formerly) Fireguard Thermo-O FG3), provides reliable half-hour and one-hour intumescent fire protection for structural steelwork*.

*Also Concrete and timber applications